The next generation of nonwovens

Nonwovens are particularly suitable due to cheaper production, the consistently high quality and special properties (capillary effect).

The capacity of a nonwoven to absorb liquids is largely determined by the fiber composition and surface. Due to their better resistance and processability, plastics are better suited than minerals or cellulose fibers.

Norafin produces nonwovens by hydroentanglement, which accelerate the absorption of liquid plastics through optimized surface structures under similar conditions (polymers, surface mass, fiber quantity) and enable controlled curing. The open-pored structure additionally favors outgassing after liquid application and allows smooth processing.

Comparable nonwovens of other manufacturing technology (needlepunch) form bubbles during outgassing, which then have to be punctured and repaired.

Our nonwovens listed here have been developed with ETAG005 in mind. They meet the minimum shelf life of 60 years and the raw material polyester ensures the necessary alkaline resistance.

Norafin spunlace with pattern

Spunlace nonwovens are particularly suitable in perforated design as a reinforcing structure for the use of flat roof waterproofing in common use with liquid plastic (e.g. PMMA, PU).

  • hole structure (pattern) does not allow bubbles to form, as outgassing can escape immediately
  • accelerate the absorption of liquid plastics
  • controlled curing
  • isotropic fiber alignment in X, Y & Z direction due to the special Norafin production technology brings strengths in all directions
  • different basis weights (e.g. 60, 80, 110 & 160 g/m²) enable the application of restoration to rebuilding for layer thickness control
  • use of different fiber finenesses offers an improvement in strength while controlling the nonwoven thickness

Final Converting

  • good adaptation to corners, edges, skylights or moulds
  • can be laid on many different surfaces
  • ideal for sealing difficult architectural elements

Customer-oriented Solutions

In addition to the solution-oriented production of nonwovens, Norafin also offers the customer-oriented and construction site-ready provision of the goods.

  • short rolls converting - lengths of at least 25 running meters infinitely variable possible (max. diameter 120 cm)
  • individual width assembly - widths from at least 100 mm to 2,000 mm infinitely variable
  • individual packaging solution - packaging in foil bags and cartons on pallet

Individualization & Functionalization

  • treatment: functionalization with e.g. fire retardant chemicals feasible
  • printing: one color printing e.g. company claim or processing aids

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