We are Norafin

A strong committed team with a clear focus on its clients’ requirements. This has helped us become an innovative company for almost forty years, producing high quality spunlaced and needlepunched nonwovens.

The success behind Norafin is a team that pushes creative and trendsetting ideas, responds quickly to evolving market conditions, without losing track of the products’ quality.

Our Proprietary Technology Permits a Great Deal of Flexibility Allowing Us to

  • process a wide variety of specialty, high-end fibers such as meta and para aramids, polyimides (PI), as well as natural fibers such as flax.
  • create smart fiber blends in white and in various colors.
  • engineer single and multi-layered fabrics, which are printed, patterned, or flat. The materials can be calandered, apertured, or scrim-supported.
  • run large, but also smaller, specialty product campaigns.
  • offer various in-house aftertreatment choices as well as additional downstream options such as quilting, cutting, or folding.
  • produce composite nonwovens without binders.
  • equip nonwovens with functional particles/fibers, which impart the material with following characteristics: electrical conductivity, catalytic effects, gas storage, heating properties, integration of sensors, and more.


At our headquarters, in Mildenau, there are 200 employees developing, producing and marketing innovative product solutions daily for our customers.
Our US Line had its inauguration in Mills River, North Carolina in June 2018. 35 committed employees are responsible for producing and marketing our high-quality technical nonwovens. It is equipped with a new state-of-the-art spunlace line and modern offices.

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