Our nonwovens are designed for special performance requirements.

Thanks to their individual configuration and high adaptability, nonwovens are multifunctional and can be used in a variety of applications. For example, they can be used to meet demands for light-weight, durable, and long-lasting alternatives to conventional materials or where sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions are sought. They can be found in theatres, cosmetic studios, in many industrial applications, or even in your own home.

Our in-house process technologies enable us to offer a wide range of nonwovens to our customers.  Whether they are developing special performance characteristics through the combination of different parameters, such as fiber use, weight, or bonding process.

We are a leader in the hydroentanglement of specialty fibers, including high-performance fibers such as aramids or polyimides, and regenerated or natural fibers, such as viscose, lyocell, lyocell skin, flax, or hemp. The processing of thermoplastics (e.g. polyester, PET, or PP) also plays an important role in certain areas.

Depending on the application, special criteria is required from our nonwovens in order to provide the necessary performance. Please find more detailed information about specific product features on the following pages of our Norafin Performance Line for Construction & Industry and our Norafin Performance Line for Cosmetics & Health.   

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