Our materials used in medicine around the world help to care for patients' wounds every day and to support the healing process of various injuries. Spunlaced nonwovens are used in operating rooms, hospitals, and nursing homes to facilitate recovery and protect against harmful influences.

Areas of Application:

  • surgical pads and swabs
  • transport blankets
  • wound care
  • band-aids
  • medical face masks
  • washing gloves
Learn more about our special procedures to meet stringent product requirements:
  • Prior to starting any production process of medical items there is extensive cleaning of machinery and work stations.
  • Supported by protective actions like metal detection systems & UV-lights detection.
  • No food or beverages are allowed at work stations.
  • Staff has to wear gloves and smocks.
  • In case of spun lace our entire inhouse water treatment plant runs generally with added hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda, aluminium sulfate and polyaluminium chloride to ensure a continuous amicrobic water supply.
  • During production samples of fabric can be taken for external microbiological testing.
  • The spun lace is online controlled by electro-optical defect detection system in order to identify all material defects and contamination.
  • This defect log is used for optimization of cutting / converting process.
  • Ready goods will be packed and foiled instantly.
  • Microbiological test results can be made available for each delivery of medical items.
  • Sterilization by gamma ray treatment or medical fumigation can be externally easily added.

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