Many industrial processes produce hot gas waste that may only be discharged into the environment after being filtered. The main aim here is to retain a large proportion of the particles by means of mechanical filtration.

The fiber is important

However, since exhaust gas temperatures of up to 240 °C are common in gas filtration, conventional filter media can no longer be used due to their low temperature stability. Filter media based on high-performance fibers such as aramids, polyimides (PI) or polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) are therefore required. In most applications, chemical resistance is also required, since the exhaust gases are often composed of a large number of different chemical components. Norafin offers concrete solutions for these sometimes highly complex fields of application.

Our filter media perform

  • high-temperature-resistant, stable pleats, various fiber materials, support structures & finishings
  • homogenous surface and excellent fiber density
  • optimized material thickness leads to higher filter area by the same size

End Uses:

  • power generation (gas turbines)
  • industrial waste and biomass incineration

Product Overview

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