Labeling obligation of single use plastics from July 2021 on

The influence of plastic products and plastic packaging on our environment is enormous. That’s nothing new and a well-known issue. This challenge shall be tackled by the so-called Single Use Plastic Directive (EU 2019/904) of the European Union. In June 2021 latest, cotton buds, cutlery, or drinking straws made of plastic shall vanish from supermarket shelves and be replaced by already existing alternatives made of cardboard, wood, etc.

What’s Norafins involvement here?

This new directive does not only address single use products that are as obvious as those for us as consumers, but also nonwovens made of synthetic fibers such as polyester, or polypropylene. These raw materials still dominate markets for hygiene and cosmetics products as well as for cleaning wipes. Plastic particles of these products massively pollute our oceans by ending up in our wastewater, and finally in the sea.

The European Commission has issued another directive (2020/2151), that regulates the labeling of single use products such as cleaning wipes and cosmetic face masks from July 2021 on. Disposables containing plastics have to be labeled accordingly.

We at Norafin are aware of our ecological responsibility and thus, we are anxious to minimize our ecological footprint. We set a high value on the responsible handling of resources and energy, deploy sustainable, chemically-free production technologies and focus on the processing of natural, bio-degradable raw materials.

Already 15 years ago we started to process flax fibers and developed to a specialist on this field. In the course of time we could add more natural raw materials to our product portfolio, such as hemp, sheep wool, and cotton. Nonwovens made of natural fibers like flax have a high tear strength and absorption capacity and thus, constitute a true alternative to synthetic products. Due to our longtime expertise we are able to process natural fibers on both, our needlepunch as well as our spunlace line and to offer various aftertreatment possibilities (e.g. flame-retardant or printed). Our technical nonwovens made of flax additionally are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (16.0.90034 HOHENSTEIN HTTI). Nonwovens made of natural fibers are not only high in performance, but can also be degraded and returned to environment with good conscience.

In 2018, we introduced our brand Extra Organic® with the intention to develop and offer sustainable alternatives to conventional products to our customers. Ecological, functional, and 100% bio-degradable. Our strength for processing natural fibers is reflected in our brand and reaches out to many different areas of application. For many years we have been successfully producing our flax wallpaper which consists entirely of natural raw materials.

If you’d like to know more about this topic, you’re cordially invited to get in contact with us. Together with our research and development team as well as our sales department we will find solutions for sustainable products, which reduce the single use of plastics and therefore, minimize the impact of microplastic on our environment.

Norafins sustainability brochure

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