We are thrilled and proud to be one of the winners of the Techtextil Innovation Award 2024! Our new technological innovation, "Hydro-Shape - 3-dimensional textile structures formed from water" in the category "New Technologies on Sustainability & Recycling" was selected for the award.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our R&D team especially Marc Jolly and Anton Peter.


Norafin Marc Jolly

Marc Jolly
Head of Research & Development

T:+49 3733 5507239

What exactly is behind the name “HYDRO-SHAPE”?

High-pressure water jets entangle fibers into a 3D shape without the use of binders, heat or adhesives. Instead of just creating textile layers, this new technology enables us to produce three-dimensional structures from the fiber to the end product in a single step. Energy and material are only used where they are really needed.

The result is a 3D product that opens up new ways of reducing waste and can also be made from biodegradable natural fibers.

Norafin presented the award-winning process to the public for the first time at Techtextil 2024 in Frankfurt/Main.

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