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September 2022 - The introduction of our product configurator offers the opportunity for our customers to educate themselves about our range of product capabilities. The new tool shows a selection of articles to show the variety of our portfolio.

Customers can filter selections such as technology, fibers, features, or weight, as well as contact us directly with their pre-chosen parameters with a quick response from our sales team.

Our product configurator offers an additional value to our customers by proposing possible parameters and helping pre-select important features for the right product. This shall accelerate the way to the right product. Every inquiry will be answered directly by our sales team, as our customers remain our highest priority.

If you have already found the adequate nonwoven for your application please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page for all questions, to request an offer, a sample, or a data sheet.

Check out our product configurator and to experience our wide product range and the various product capabilities that Norafin has to offer today.

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