Sustainably beautiful

August 2022 - Sheet masks mostly consist of a thin nonwoven, usually made of PET, viscose, lyocell, bio-cellulose or cotton, which, soaked with a serum, has a nourishing, cleansing or refreshing effect on the skin. The applied sheet perfectly conforms to the contours of the face and generates warmth, allowing the ingredients to be better absorbed by the skin. Sheet masks are considered to be highly beneficial and effective. However, if we put the cosmetic aspect aside and look at the environmental footprint, the beauty trend loses some of its shine. Sheet masks are purely disposable products and cause a lot of waste.

Keeping the ecological footprint of a sheet mask as small as possible requires the interaction of several actors in the supply chain. The composition of the fabric, as the main component of the face mask, plays a decisive role. While the cosmetics industry places high demands on the performance of the thin textile, it should also be sustainably produced and biodegradable.

Norafin, as an expert in the processing of natural fibers, can offer manufacturers of cosmetic facial masks sustainable alternatives to conventional products.

Read more about it in COSSMA 7-8/2022, .

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