Future collaboration with Additive Drives GmbH from Dresden

Axel Helm from Additive Drives GmbH in Dresden and André Lang from Norafin in the Ore Mountains got to know each other during the OWF award ceremony for the “Vorsprung” prize for innovative companies.

In the following weeks, an innovative collaboration developed: Additive Drives was looking for special textile cuttings to enable maximum performance and efficiency in the smallest possible installation space. Norafin has a wide range of special nonwovens and a modern cutting system. Thanks to our Saxon inventive spirit, practical solutions were quickly found after a few tests. As a result, both companies not only received an honorable mention in Berlin, but have finally also received a new future-oriented solution “Made in Saxony” from the two proud futureSAX - die Innovationsplattform des Freistaates Sachsen network partners.

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