Norafin GUARDIAN® – The Fireblocking Solution

Fireblocking materials can be used in many different branches such as furniture-, padding, and bedding industry. Seats of cinemas and stadiums have to be equipped with fireblocker as well. However, applications in the private and public transport comprise the most important field of fireblocking materials.

Since the 1980s, as the first high speed trains came into operation and glass-fiber products were forbidden, train seats were equipped with textile fireblocker. Before introducing a standardized EU regulation, every European country had its own test norms. Standards now have to comply with the norm EN 45545 – requirements for fire behavior of materials and products used in trains. Mechanical tests can further vary between countries, which makes it possible to use different fireblocking materials.


In the air traffic, the seats have to pass a fire and toxicity test, a density of smoke measurement as well as mechanical tests. Most of the tests comply with international norms.

Norafin aims at launching fireblocking materials with the highest performance and quality standards.

3D Fireblocker with Norafin 3D PERFORMANCE®

Our Norafin GUARDIAN® 3D PERFORMANCE®- material for fireblocker offers additional benefits in comparison to conventional materials.

enhanced scrub resistance

excellent wear resistance at low weights

Performance Characteristics:
Item number standard

S64-02709 Norafin GUARDIAN®


S64-02712 Norafin GUARDIAN®


Technology   spunlace spunlace
Composition   Ox-PAN|Aramid Ox-PAN|Aramid
Weight [g/m²] ISO 9073-1 190 140
Thickness [mm] ISO 9073-2 2.2 1.65
Martindale [12kPa] ISO 12947-2 190,000 80,000
Smoke toxicity NF F 16101 conform1 conform1
Vertical flammability FAR 25 [60s] App. F Port. I pass pass

1 not tested yet

End Uses:

Seats, upholstery, ceilings, and wall coverings in:

  • aircrafts
  • trains
  • buses
  • public buildings (theaters, cinemas, stadiums, etc.)

Performance Characteristics of our Products:

  • fireblocking and flame retardant capabilities according to EN 45545-2, FAR 25-853 or 16 CFR Part 1633 and more
  • high fire resistance
  • protection against vandalism according to NF F31 118 (anti laceration test method NF F 00 201)
  • low smoke toxicity and opacity
  • stab protection, slash-resistance
  • lightweight, high quality material constructions
  • long-lasting product solutions

Norafin GUARDIAN® – Fireblocker for Seats

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Norafin GUARDIAN® – Fireblocker for Seats

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