Norafin as a project partner in the development of innovative anti-PAH protective suits

In collaboration with various project partners, Frauenhofer IWS scientists have developed a replaceable filter sensor system for firefighter suits that detects PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), which are particularly hazardous to humans, and warns the wearer if the contamination level becomes too high.

Our Norafin nonwoven provides indispensable heat protection against flames in protective clothing for firefighters. In this project, this was extended to include a protective property. Our heat protection nonwoven serves as a substrate for the activated carbon, which absorbs PAHs like a sponge. Electrical sensors detect the contamination status.

The binding of PAHs and the transmission of data indicating that the clothing has reached a critical contamination level will provide firefighters with better protection against these carcinogenic hazardous gases in the future.

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